Sound Systems

This is our speciality. We will beat any (reasonable) price. And we back our gear.

Community and charity rates, up to 50% discount.

A comprehensive range of audio equipment for parties, DJs, speech, public address, school productions, music and bands. From one microphone to concert sound systems, including JBL, Bose, Trace Elliot, Soundcraft and Shure equipment. Microphones and radio microphones, lapel units, CD/tape players. Everything you will need!

We have small staging: We can supply small sections of any of the staging below, starting from $60 delivery and collection. All our staging is low, around 300mm high, except we can extend one or two sections of the METAL FRAME to 600mm. We have a large piece (4800 x 1800) of green astroturf we put across the staging if required; or use your own drum carpet.

Smallest, ROSTRA, 300mm: light wooden rostra, one section 2400mm x 1200, two sections 1200 x 1200; can be 4800 x 1200 or 2400 x 2400, or however you arrange them. $120 delivered, installed, and collected, depending on access.

Medium, strong, METAL FRAME, 300mm: four sections 1800mm x 900; can be 3600 x 1800, or however you arrange them. $150 delivered, installed, removed, depending on access. One or two sections can be raised to 600mm high.

Large, strong, METAL FRAME, 300mm; five sections 2400 x 1200mm. $200 delivered and collected, depending on access.

Large, wooden PLATFORM, 300mm: eight sections 1200mm x 1200; can be 4800 x 2400, or however you arrange them. $200 delivered, installed, removed, depending on access.

Backline: Marshall Valvestate stack; small Washburn combo; Peavey KB 100 combo; 4x10 and 8x10 Behringer bass cabs, with choice of Peavey studio or Yamaha digital amp heads; Yamaha drum shells, all hardware, hi-hat cymbals.

Delivery, set-up, operation as required, and collection usually included. We prefer to deliver and install our systems. Our all-inclusive package prices are very competitive.

Our top PA is the JBL PRX range. This is JBL's professional portable range. 3000 watts FOH. One pair of PRX512 mid/tops, and one pair of JRX518 subs. Extra pair of 1x18" available for bigger functions. Combined with any of the speakers below as monitors, this is a superb-sounding PA for functions, pubs or small outdoor concerts. Combines well with the Bose L1 as monitors.

Price range for a full band or concert PA: $300-$1000 depending on hours, location, desk and microphones, processing, etc. We can do a compact $600 package for bands and functions with sound tech.

Our new Bose L1 systems are the latest and best compact speakers available world-wide. With their own micro digital desk, these complete systems are tiny, and also sound amazing. People always comment on their unobtrusive and very smart look. Presentations, conferences, DJs, bands, concerts (small Front Of House, or excellent side-fill if you like good monitors). They have their own compact bass bins (you can choose to have from one to four), or we can add bigger powered subs for bigger venues and DJs. Designed to be used individually, or they can be coupled in stereo pairs. See photo below of these smart units. An excellent, compact DJ, music playback, or conference system. Price range: from $200.

Trace Elliot 4-way concert system will provide size and power at an affordable price. 3000 watts FOH. Outdoors, or for bigger indoor events.

We have a range of JBL Eon Gen1 P15 powered speakers, 15" and 10" models, and the matching subs, which are convenient and very effective for all sound applications, including outdoors public address systems, DJs and bands. Quick and easy, compact, and very effective. After all, they are JBL.

Speakers only: pairs of speakers from $100; system with subs from $200; band PA from $300; concert system including sound tech from $500. $1000 will get you all our best bells and whistles, with a sound tech.

12-volt outdoor address horns (can run off a car battery), Toa. Includes mixer amp. Price range: from $120.

Microphones: Shure Beta 58A, 57A, 52A; SM58, SM57; and the classic "Buddy Holly" SH55; Sennheiser 501, Beyer M88; Shure and other brand wireless radio mics

4- to 32-channel desks, multicores; Behringer X-Air super-compact digital processor desk-and-stage-box combo operated by wireless tablet; all processing; EQs, effects, compressors, gates, crossovers.

Contact us on (04) 384-1998 and discuss your event.

Bose L1 model II system:



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