Lighting & Power Distribution

For stage, outdoor, marquee, and event illumination.

Please ask about pricing. Every function and gig is different. We like to install and collect our gear.

Dance floor effects lights, mirror balls, strobes, blacklights, fairy lights, smoke machines. $20-$40 each

We have a range of stage LED lighting options.

Prices include delivery, all leads, installation, and removal.

Affordable and effective packages that make your gig, concert or party look really great.

We also have outdoor floodlights for temporary illumination of public or work environments.


Power Distribution


Lifeguard LG17, 63-amp distribution stations. Price: $60 each, +gst


Lifeguard LG16 32-amp distribution stations. Price: $50 each, +gst

32-amp to 3x15-amp distribution dimmer pack. Price: $20 +gst
2 32-amp to 6x15-amp distribution dimmer packs. Price: $30 +gst
15 "Yellow Jacket" cable ramps, 120cm long. Price: heavy duty (multi-channel, drive-over), $10 each +gst; light-weight, $5 each +gst

various adaptor and splitter leads & boxes. Price: negotiable depending on needs


various 32-amp distribution cables. Price: $30 each, +gst


various 63-amp distribution cables. Price: $40 each, +gst


Talk to us about a discount package that suits your needs. Community discounts up to 50%.





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